"Where's music heading?" is what Hendrik Willemyns (Arsenal) was asking himself when he threw the musician out the window with his film 'Dance Dance Dance'. Now, 4 years later, he's taking a more subtle approach and is turning the musician into a prostitute. He does so with a book, a film and music. The book is called 'Room of Imaginary Creatures' and is a 'brothel poetry bundle' of sorts, written and illustrated by musicians and artists from all over the world. Willemyns wrote and directed the movie Birdsong where he tells the story of a young woman in Tokio who dreams of a life as a musician, and quickly learns that that world is populated by sexual predators. But also with poetry. During a striking and surprising movie concert, Hendrik Willemyns together with Paulien Mathues, introduces you to the book, movie and of course : the music.